Architectural & Shop Drawings

The devil is in the details. We spend our time and energy figuring out all of the details that some shrug off as something they can take care of as it comes up. This leads to costly mistakes and large change orders over the course of the project. Our vision is to take on those minute details throughout the entire project and work on coordinating all of the trades inside of one drawing inside of one singular drawing set. In working with one set of drawings the headache is reduced by coordinating the different trades’ drawings and the potential conflicts of each trade interpreting the design in different ways. Drawings are accurate, clean and contain as much information as we can possibly get at the time they are created. By making accurate and clear drawings for all of the interior finish materials, change orders on each project are reduced, the finished look of the project is improved and create the best possible functionality and design of the space.


  • Interiors Design
  • Interiors Typical detail
  • 2D- 3D Net space drawings
  • List of Materials (type, quantity and reference tables)